Kidney Ally is your home for all things Kidney Diet related! Nothing beats speaking to a renal dietitian when you are not sure of where to start with a kidney diet. With Kidney Ally, finding a renal dietitian has never been easier, you can book direct telehealth appointments with us from anywhere in the world!

Lead Renal Dietitian, Ruth

Ruth Kander serves as the Founder of Kidney Ally and assumes the role of Clinical Lead in our appointments program. While she is dedicated to providing care to each and every one of our Kidney Ally clients, such an endeavor would necessitate the cloning of herself 50 times over. As a result, she has assembled a team of qualified Renal Dietitians from various geographic regions to ensure that we can assist as many patients as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact Ruth at should you have any inquiries.

Initial free consultation with Ruth
15 minutes
Completely FREE, no catches.
A rare opportunity to consult with the renowned kidney expert Ruth, attain guidance and answer your pressing questions on the topics of Kidney Ally and your Kidney Diet to help you manage kidney disease.
Kidney Ally monthly group class
45 minutes
Limited to 10 places each month
Each session delves into a different  theme focused around kidney disease
Led by Ruth, she will share an insightful presentation on the topic of the month
Ample time for you to engage and ask questions
Blood test analysis and appointment
15 minutes
A blood report analysis by Ruth, the Kidney Ally clinical lead and qualified renal dietitian
Get informed about what your specific blood tests mean for your kidney diet
Results are sent to you via email
15-minute check-in with a Ruth, our clinical lead for questions
Deep renal dietitian consultation
60 minutes
1 hour consultation Kidney Ally Clinical Lead Ruth
Ruth has 25 years experience as a renal dietitian
In depth personalised analysis of your current kidney condition
Coaching, tailored planning and specific recommendations for changes in diet and lifestyle
Please note: You will need an account with PowerDiary. This account is different to your Kidney Ally account.
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