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Is this you?

Can't afford expensive online courses and renal dietitian's advice or appointments?

Feeling overwhelmed and confused about what  a good healthy kidney diet looks like from researching online?

Inability to change your kidney diet behaviour due to lack of time or knowledge?

Frustration because you can't find recipes to fit within your kidney diet restrictions and can't enjoy mealtimes anymore because a kidney diet can feel restrictive

If you're one of the millions of people suffering from kidney disease, you know how frustrating it can be to try to manage your kidney diet.

Designed by Kidney Ally founder and world class renal dietitian Ruth Kander, the Kidney Ally membership is the most affordable way to take control and slow the progression of Kidney Disease, giving you access to the tools and knowledge you need to take control of your diet and feel confident about your food choices.

You get access our Kidney Diet course which takes into account your specific condition and provides clear information on what foods you can eat and what foods you should avoid.

Alongside the personalised Kidney Diet course you get exclusive membership access to member emails, monthly meetups with Ruth and discounts and access to future Kidney Ally products so you can make informed choices about your diet and enjoy meals again.

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Unlock the Personalised Kidney Diet Course

The course will only provide you with videos relating to your condition meaning you won't be confused about what to eat to stay healthy.

Exclusive Kidney Ally Membership Access

Instant access to our Kidney Ally members means you get exclusive member emails each month and access to our Lead Dietitian, Ruth Kander at our monthly member meetings!

Exclusive Discounts to Future Products and Partnerships

The founders Ruth and Carl are just getting started on helping Kidney Patients make personalised healthy food choices. Members will get exclusive access and discounts to future products and partnerships.

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Save your favourite recipes from our amazing Recipe library!
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What our members say

I was so lost in my kidney journey. When I found Kidney Ally, I decided to give it a look. What an amazing tool this is becoming for me. I can’t wait for added content, especially more recipes. Thank you for creating this!

Resa M


I know I’m not alone in this. It shows great recipes and if I need help with something you can ask and someone who knows will answer.

Katherine C,


Receive great information on a weekly basis. Very informative information.

P Williams


After my CKD diagnosis I didn’t know where to turn for trustworthy advice. The internet was contradictory and it left me feeling lost. Then I discovered Kidney Ally. I decided to see what it was all about. It’s the friendliest group supporting those with Kidney related issues, and offering dietary advice and recipes. It’s my go to place for support. In addition Kidney Ally offers a premium service for a small fee that provides tailored videos, recipes and blogs. The videos have been invaluable to myself and my husband. We now have a better understanding of my condition and tips on how to manage it. Really recommend signing up!

Caroline, UK


The videos in the dashboard once you signed up were pretty much personalised to your CKD condition. But its the information regarding stage 4 & 5 that I really liked to know and hear, so i can avoid that, moving forward

Jean USA


The potassium video is absolutely perfect. It’s sticks to the subject matter, and it covers the subject matter very well, and it doesn’t leave you guessing at the end of the video whether you have an issue or not, you pretty much know

Susan, USA


I liked that a lot that the videos in the dashboard once signed up were personalised to your CKD condition

Bettyanne, USA


Informative and concise

Stuart, Israel


Kidney Ally is an amazingly helpful website both for people wanting accurate information about how the diet for CKD works and for the newly diagnosed who need to understand just what they're dealing with. If only this invaluable resource had existed back in 2016 when I was first diagnosed - it would have saved me years of anguish thinking I'd never figure it all out on my own! Not only does Kidney Ally explain everything to you through podcasts, written articles, and recordings - if you need more help, experts will work with you one-on-one to answer your questions and even design a personal diet for your precise health problems and lab details. This website is what I could only dream of having available to me 7 years ago.

Duffy, USA


Very well set up for ease of finding information in a clear, precise format. Videos are very informative

Stacy, USA