Become a Savvy Patient and Make Money Participating in Surveys

Published on 
April 14, 2023
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As patients, our voices and experiences are invaluable for shaping healthcare and improving the medical industry. For those living with kidney disease, understanding and managing a kidney diet can be challenging. Savvy Cooperative, is a trusted partner of Kidney Ally is a platform built by patients, for patients, offers a unique opportunity to contribute your perspective on kidney disease and kidney diet while making money participating in surveys. This blog post will introduce you to the Savvy platform and how you can join this trusted community to help make a difference in kidney care.

About Savvy Cooperative

Savvy Cooperative is a patient-owned co-op focused on connecting patients with companies and researchers seeking insights to improve healthcare products, services, and experiences. By participating in surveys, interviews, and other research activities, patients can help shape the future of healthcare, including advancements in kidney disease treatment and kidney diet education, while earning money for their contributions. Learn more about Savvy Cooperative by visiting their website.

Why Join Savvy Cooperative?

As a member of the Savvy community, you can:

  1. Share your unique patient perspective, especially regarding kidney disease and kidney diet, to influence healthcare improvements
  2. Connect with other patients to learn from their experiences and exchange kidney diet tips
  3. Earn money for participating in surveys and other research activities
  4. Be part of a trusted community built by patients to ensure your voice is heard

How to Get Started

Are you ready to make a difference in the medical industry, specifically in kidney disease care and kidney diet education, while earning money for your valuable insights? Signing up is easy! Click on this referral link https://apply.savvy.coop/register?ref=carlk3433f200 to join the Savvy Cooperative community today.

Becoming a Savvy patient is an excellent way to share your experiences, connect with other patients, and make money participating in surveys. By joining this trusted community, you can help ensure that the patient voice is clear and influential in medical projects, including those focused on kidney disease and kidney diet management.

Ready to join the Savvy community and make a difference in healthcare, specifically in kidney disease and kidney diet education? Click the referral link here to sign up and start making money for participating in surveys today!