Telehealth Services

Unsure about your kidney diet? Connect easily with expert renal dietitian's through our global telehealth services. Start your journey to better kidney health today!

Lead Renal Dietitian, Ruth

As our Founder and Clinical Lead, Ruth's passion for kidney care is unmatched. Given the demand, she'd need to clone herself to meet everyone's needs! So, she's brought together a stellar team of Renal Dietitian's from around the globe, all ready to provide top-notch care. To book in an appointment or learn more information fill in this form > CLICK HERE

'An intro to a CKD diet' - Group session
45 minutes
$25 USD
Discover the essentials of a kidney-friendly diet in this session, tailored for those newly diagnosed with kidney disease or looking to manage CKD. Get expert advice, debunk diet myths, and learn how to slow CKD progression effectively.
Affordable alternative to individual consultation, these group sessions run every month and are limited to 10 places.
Led by Ruth, she will share an insightful presentation on the topic of the month and ample time for you to engage and ask questions.
Renal dietitian - Individual consultation
60 minutes
$149 USD
1 hour consultation with a Renal dietitian that is certified in your country and/or state (US patients).
In depth personalised analysis of your current kidney condition.
Coaching, tailored planning and specific recommendations for changes in diet and lifestyle.